About Us

In the 1930’s, Ralph Vaccaro opened the Washington Street Bakery in the Italian district of Elizabeth, NJ shortly after immigrating from Italy. In 1954, Ralph closed the Washington Street Bakery and opened Vaccaro’s Bakery with his son Vincent in Colonia, NJ. When Ralph retired, Vincent and his wife Catherine took over operations, growing an establishment loved and adorned by the local community and customers across New Jersey.

Expanding on the family tradition, Vincent and Catherine’s oldest son, Vinny, and soon to be wife, Eileen opened a second location in Clark, NJ on October 3, 1974, just 6 months before their wedding! This is the Vaccaro’s bakery that we know and love today. Both businesses continued to operate until the Colonia location closed in 2009 with Catherine’s retirement.

Vinny grew up in the bakery business, learning the ins and outs from his father. Vinny proved to be a natural, designing his first wedding cake in 8th grade (at the age of 13)! After over 45 years in the bakery business and more than 30 years being the Head Baker, Vinny’s favorite part of his job is still creating and designing wedding and specialty cakes! Eileen (manager of store operations) quickly fell in love with the bakery business, where she gets to interact with the customers every day and work closely with Vinny.

Vinny and Eileen are passionate about operating the bakery the same as when it first opened during the 1930’s…with core values focused on family, the use of natural ingredients, and creating fresh baked goods every day.

Vaccaro’s Bakery is committed to the community; supporting and donating to the local fire departments, schools, and charity organizations. As a result of their continuous support, Vinny was made honorary fireman in both Clark and Colonia, NJ!

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